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Prices have been reduced!

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PLEASE NOTE: I just sold my last duet and do not plan on ordering more. Also I am in the process of gradually closing my store and selling off my remaining English and Anglo concertinas. I hope you check out my remaining inventory. Prices are reduced. Thank you.

Just in: New review by a happy customer.

It was Bob's YouTube videos and excitement for the Hayden Duet concertina that made me want one in the first place. And the instrument is perfect - it's exactly what I hoped it would be - lovely tone and so fun to play. But even better - purchasing from Bob was such a [...]

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Gone Fishin'!

Please be aware I will be out of town until August 23. Place orders if you like; I will ship your items as soon as I return. Thank you.

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Prices reduced!

I just reduced prices on all Stagi concertinas by as much as $100.00. Order now!

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Concentina Inventory

I just added four more Hayden-Duet Concertinas to my inventory, so I think I have more in stock than any other dealer in the country... possible the world, I am also very well stocked with anglo and English concentinas.

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Fabbrica Concertine

After the recent death of Piero Stagi, Stagi concertina's beloved owner, Stagi's brand name has changed to Fabbrica Concertine. His son, Lorenzo Stagi, now has the task of leading the company and and continuing the Stagi legacy. My store will continue to offer Stagi/Fabbrica instruments. Rest in peace, Mr. Stagi.

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Easy Ukulele Link

Here's a good site for getting started playing the ukulele using just four chords: LINK.

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Which type of concertina is for me?

Three types of concertinas: 1.The Anglo Concertina produces a DIFFERENT NOTE on the ‘push’ and on the ‘pull’.The Anglo Concertina is the one most favored by Irish music players. There are 20-key and 30-key models available. The G/C tuned instrument is the choice for playing Irish Music. The 20-key model is limited for the number of octaves that can be played on [...]

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The drought is over!

I recently received a shipment of Stagi Hayden-duet concertinas, so go ahead and order away. (They go fast!) I checked the tuning on each and they sound great.

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New concertinas are here!

I just received a new shipment of Stagi English conertinas and four new duets are on the way. CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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