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Email me at PoloniaMusic@Yahoo.com

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A Hazy Shade of Winter

"A Hazy Shade of Winter" on Teton STC155CENT Classical Guitar with ElectronicsTabs for "A Hazy Shade of Winter" are now available here: http://www.poloniamusic.com/Guitar_Tu.... There is also a tutorial for electric guitar. Hope it helps. Thanks

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"A Hazy Shade of Winter"

Tabs are now available for this riff at the following link: http://www.poloniamusic.com/Guitar_Tutorial_Hazy_... There is also a tutorial for acoustic guitar. Hope it helps. Thanks. Teton's Hollow Body Electric Guitar - Vintage Sunburst - *FREE SHIPPING*

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Concertina tutorial for beginners

Here's my new Hayden-duet concertina tutorial for beginners. 

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Hohner Nove ll Chromatic Button Accordion

I am attempting to learn to play the chromatic button accordion. Here's my first tune: https://youtu.be/xjUDhM8671Q

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My Newest Hohner Accordion!

When I was a rookie teacher in Northern New York, one of the other teachers asked me what I wanted to do when I retired. I had never given retirement a thought. Really, I was just happy to have job and the means to support my young family. So I gave him no answer, just [...]

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I see Teton Guitars gave me a "shout out!". Cool! 

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Stagi Concertina Shipment is HERE!

My big order of Stagi concertinas arrived today. The order was placed on January 18, 2016. I estimated I would have them by March 15, but they arrived one week earlier. Order soon so you won't miss out. As you can see, it takes almost two months for an order to be realized.

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Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat entry level 12 stringByJ. Davenporton July 2, 2013I've always wanted to own a 12 string acoustic guitar but avoided it because of the quality vs cost dilemma. It's hard to justify the purchase of a $1200+ "niche" instrument just to get one that sounds and plays well. Most of the [...]

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Sadly, now, the Takamine sits on the wall and...

I did not want another acoustic.I certainly did not need another guitar.Between acoustics, electrics, guitars, bases, and ukuleles…my collection sits around 15 various guitars.Though I play guitar and bass in a local rock and roll bar band, my heart has always been with acoustic guitars. It always will be.For some reason, though, every acoustic I [...]

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