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The History of the Harmonica

Here's a great video on the history of the harmonica. I think I will order a few chromatic Hohner harmonicas and make them available in my store. Also, this video has inspired me to improve my harmonica skills. Such a great instrument!

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Let's make a deal!

NOTE: If you would like me to give you a better price on string instruments, email me at PoloniaMusic@yahoo.com and I'll see what I can do. I can be very accommodating!

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Our Affiliate

I realize you may not always  find what you are looking for in my store (Folk & World Music Store), so please visit my affiliate before looking elsewhere. Thank you. CLICK HERE

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Diatonic Versus Chromatic Concertinas

Anglo concertinas  are diatonic instruments, meaning each button gives a different note on the push and pull (like a harmonica). Anglo concertinas are well suited for song accompaniment, Morris, and Irish music.English and duet concertinas are fully chromatic instruments with each button producing the same note on the push and pull of the bellows. They are very [...]

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A wooden instrument is ideally kept at about 40-60% humidity, so 45% is fabulous. This range is supposed to produce the best sound, and the least stress on the wood. But the absolute worst thing you can do is change up the humidity frequently and quickly, because this put stress on the wood and the seams. 

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who purchased musical instruments, CD's, hats and guitar straps over the holidays. I greatly appreciate your business. Concertina sales were so good I have had to order more order a dozen new instruments from Stagi, in fact I will be adding several new instruments, including but not limited to Stagi Anglo [...]

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Bring out the champagne!!! One of my videos has recently topped 4 million hits on YouTube!When I posted the "Fingerpicking: This will change your life!" video in 2010, I never dreamed it would ever get much attention. Clearly, if I had known, I would have worn a nicer shirt, avoided clichés, and used a better [...]

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2015 Christmas Books

Believe it or not, it's time for me to start getting ready for Christmas. I have already been asked to play guitar and concertina at a couple of local venues, so I should start practicing soon. I am also making available twenty Christmas music books that have just been released, so I have do spend a [...]

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"A'soalin" Tutorial

Check out my "A'soalin" tutorial played on my Teton classical guitar w/ electronics. Tabs are available on my other web site: http://www.poloniamusic.com/Guitar_TutorialAsoali...

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::::::::::::::::::All Kinds Jam::::::::::::::Old Time, Irish, Bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, Klezmer, Mid-Eastern, Balkan, Blues, Salsa, Swing, Quebecois, Asian, Greek, African, Scottish, Down-East, Up-West, Etc. Etc.!!!!!!!!!! BIG MUSIC MISH MOSH——MANY LAUGHS !!!!!!!!!!! ………Opportunities for Show-Offs as well [...]

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