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New Stagi Concertinas are on the way!

My recent order on Stagi concertinas has been shipped and is currently being cleared by customs. Orders yours now!

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Percussion Musical Instruments

A wide variety of high quality hand-held percussion musical instruments are currently being added to the store. Instruments to be included are drums, shakers, tambourines, cjomaracas, darbuka, didgeridoos, bells, bongos, cabasas, rattles, congas, cajones, resonance boxes, cowbells, ashikos, Celtic wood doumbeds, djembes and duendes. Accessories will also be available. The inventory is quite extensive, so [...]

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Diatonic vs. Chromatic

The English concertina and the Duet concertina bear similarities in history and construction. Both systems generally play a chromatic scale ( both the white and black piano keys) with each button producing the same note whether the bellows are being pushed or pulled. The Anglo concertina is diatonic, (i.e. only the white keys of a [...]

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About Concertinas

Concertinas have a unique shape, ranging from four to twelve sides (in cross-section). Concertinas have two keyboards, one at each end of the instruments bellows. There are no fixed chords on a concertina; all of the buttons are individual notes. The number of notes and systems vary so greatly that a player of one system [...]

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Irish Music

I videotaped myself playing Londonderry Air and The Irish Washerwoman on my Stagi duet concertina. Here are the links: Londonderry Air: https://youtu.be/Qr3DnXKS2okThe Irish Washerwomanhttps://youtu.be/b6ENYEGBXQI

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Adriana Sanchez loves Hohner accordions

Check her out:https://youtu.be/193IS1aFdWo

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Hohner Musical Instruments

I am delighted to announce my acceptance as a dealer to sell Hohner musical instruments. I had a Hohner accordion a few years ago, and I thought it was the perfect instrument. Regretfully, I sold it! I personally have two accordions, but neither is a good as that red accordion I used to play. I [...]

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More Stagis are on the way!

In addition to ordering more Stagi Hayen Duet concertinas, I am ordering several Anglo 30 button and English 48 and 56 button Stagi concertinas before the price increase April 1, 2015. By ordering now, I should be able to keep my store prices low. That's good for everyone! Hard cases are also being ordered.

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As the Band Played On!

I have had a request to add band/orchestra instruments to my store. So I will be doing that next. Click on the BAND link at the top of the page for trumpets, saxes, clarinets, etc.

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In case you need a case...

I am adding a variety of cases to my inventory to meet your need to transport your instrument. But please, don't store your instrument in a case. Try to keep it out of the case so it is always accessible to play. That's what I say!

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