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Zither Heaven Musical Instruments

I am delighted to announce that Zither Heaven musical instruments have been added to the store and are now available for purchase. I have personally played some of their instruments and love their look and sound. It helps that they are made here in my hometown, Rochester, New York, so I can visit their shop [...]

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I have been to HEAVEN!

I have been to heaven -- Zither Heaven, that is! Awhile back, I noticed that Archimage (a shop just dowm the street form me on Monroe Ave in Rochester) stocks a limited selection of beautiful folk instruments made by a company known as Zither Heaven. It turns out that Zither Heaven are crafted here in Rochester. [...]

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"POLSKA" Hats and Guitar Straps

I have always wanted a guitar strap with the word "POLSKA" on it. Well I decided to order a bunch today and a number of knitted caps too.

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My Teton Guitar

I have a Teton guitar and will soon make a YouTube video so you can check it out.  Each guitar features either a solid spruce or cedar top, and mahogany, ovangkol, walnut, or rosewood back and sides. The Teton line-up includes pure acoustics, acoustic electrics with cut a-ways, and classical guitars. Comparatively, Teton guitars are very reasonably [...]

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Stagi Concertinas

I love my handcrafted Stagi-Hayden duet concertina! It sounds so beautiful it truly is a joy to play., and in my opinion is very easy to learn how to play. Next to the guitar, it's easily my favorite instrument and I am sure you will love it too. I ordered a few from Italy and plan to [...]

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My New Store

Greetings!  My name is Bob Johnson and you may slready know my from my web site, www.PoloniaMusic.com. I am into folk music, so I am constantly on the look out for new and affordable, quality musical instruments to add to my collection. Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store includes a modest assortment of the instruments I currently [...]

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