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Concentina Inventory

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I just added four more Hayden-Duet Concertinas to my inventory, so I think I have more in stock than any other dealer in the country... possible the world, I am also very well stocked with anglo and English concentinas.

The drought is over!

I recently received a shipment of Stagi Hayden-duet concertinas, so go ahead and order away. (They go fast!) I checked the tuning on each and they sound great.

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New concertinas are here!

I just received a new shipment of Stagi English conertinas and four new duets are on the way. CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who purchased musical instruments, CD's, hats and guitar straps over the holidays. I greatly appreciate your business. Concertina sales were so good I have had to order more order a dozen new instruments from Stagi, in fact I will be adding several new instruments, including but not limited to Stagi Anglo [...]

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My First Local Customer

I had my first local customer the other day, a young guy from Rochester, New York. Most of my sales are made online, so I never get to meet my customers in person. This young man's face really lit up when he heard me play my Stagi-Hayden duet concertina. Two things really impressed him: sound [...]

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Making Dad Happy

One of my customer's send me the following message after his dad saw the new concertina his son bought him from my store:Bob !!!!!!!!!! Got concertina today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thanks for a fast shipp!) My dad is so very happy !!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful sound, and it look as an art piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Needless [...]

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Another Happy Customer

I just received this note from an experienced concertina player who recently purchased a Stagi Hayden Duet concertina for her collection. It sure does my heart good to hear she loves her new instrument so much:"Well, Bob, I have a new favorite concertina! It is lovely, has a wonderful sound, and it is so easy [...]

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Irish Music

I videotaped myself playing Londonderry Air and The Irish Washerwoman on my Stagi duet concertina. Here are the links: Londonderry Air: https://youtu.be/Qr3DnXKS2okThe Irish Washerwomanhttps://youtu.be/b6ENYEGBXQI

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More Stagis are on the way!

In addition to ordering more Stagi Hayen Duet concertinas, I am ordering several Anglo 30 button and English 48 and 56 button Stagi concertinas before the price increase April 1, 2015. By ordering now, I should be able to keep my store prices low. That's good for everyone! Hard cases are also being ordered.

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