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New concertinas are here!

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I just received a new shipment of Stagi English conertinas and four new duets are on the way. CLICK HERE to see what's available.

Diatonic vs. Chromatic

The English concertina and the Duet concertina bear similarities in history and construction. Both systems generally play a chromatic scale ( both the white and black piano keys) with each button producing the same note whether the bellows are being pushed or pulled. The Anglo concertina is diatonic, (i.e. only the white keys of a [...]

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My New Store

Greetings!  My name is Bob Johnson and you may slready know my from my web site, www.PoloniaMusic.com. I am into folk music, so I am constantly on the look out for new and affordable, quality musical instruments to add to my collection. Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store includes a modest assortment of the instruments I currently [...]

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