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This comment really made my day! It's wonderful to hear that my fingerpicking videos really are making a difference:

Hi Robert.
I want to tell you a little story. I am a harmonica player by avocation. But I have owned a guitar for about twenty years. For most of that time I strummed with a pick, and always watched in awe at fingerpickers, without a clue about how to reproduce their beautiful technique. So many great songs were off-limits to me simply because strumming them made no sense.

Then about three years ago I came across your revised fingerpicking video.
Inspired, I watched it over and over (maybe 100 times or more), guitar in hand. Within a month, my fingerpicking improved to the point at which a whole new musical horizon opened in front of me. Suddenly, songs that I never thought I could play were easy. Curiosity took over, and now I feel like no song out of reach.

The result? Well, to start, the music which became available to me profoundly changed my relationship with my eldest son (now eight) who I can now confidently serenade when he feels down (or happy, or whenever, just because). His favourite song is the Garden Song of course. But even better, I play for my youngest son (now three months) every day, and have done so since he was born. His favourite song is Steve Goodman's City of New Orleans, though Black Bird is growing on him. I can think of nothing more fulfilling as a father that to be able to lull my infant son into sleep by playing my guitar. There is simply no other feeling like it (of course, mom too is ecstatic with this particular super power).
The point of this message is to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! Your video indeed changed my life. I cannot imagine life now without music. I am so happy to be able to share it with my family in a way that I never would been able to do had I not seen your video.

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