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Stagi Concertinas

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Stagi Concertinas 

I am able to offer Stagi concertinas at low prices because I imported them from Italy when the American dollar was much stronger than the Euro. The concertinas on this site are priced lower that what I paid for mine used!!! Also I understand that if I do not give you the best price, you will buy from someone else. If you are intetested in purchasing a quality concertina at the most affordable price, then you are in the right place.

I love my Stagi-Hayden duet concertina! It has a beautiful sound and is easy to play, Next to the guitar, it's easily my favorite instrument and I am sure you will love it too. I ordered a few from Italy and plan to sell them online here at Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store. The following video shows why:


It was Bob's YouTube videos and excitement for the Hayden Duet concertina that made me want one in the first place.  And the instrument is perfect - it's exactly what I hoped it would be - lovely tone and so fun to play.  But even better - purchasing from Bob was such a good reminder of what it means to do business with good people.  Bob was responsive and communicative, and the instrument was in my hands in just a few days, packaged carefully, with helpful diagrams included to help me start playing it immediately.  


Thank you, Bob! Looking forward to more Youtube videos! 


Anne Sedgwick



In addition to stocking Stagi Hayen Duet concertinas, I was have Anglo 30 button and English 48 and 56 button Stagi concertinas.  I ordered them before the price increase April 1, 2015. By beating the deadline, I am still able to keep my store prices low. That's good for everyone! Hard cases are also available. 



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