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HOHNER Accordions

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If you have a particular Hohner accordion in mind that is not listed in my store, let me know and I will have it posted. The variety is so great, I just do not list them all. Email me at poloniamusic@yahoo com. Thank you.

I had a Hohner accordion a few years ago, and I thought it was the perfect instrument. Regretfully, I foolishly sold it to someone who made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I currently own and play two Hohner accordions, one is a chromatic button accordion (Nova ll) and the other a Bravo ll piano accordion. I love the quality and sound of my Hohners.

I am excited about being able to offer Hohner products. Hohner offers a wide variety of musical instruments, especially accordions. I continue to add more of their instruments to my store, but if you already have a Hohner instrument in mind, email me and I will make it a priory. Prices are dictated my the manufacturer, but you can email me at PoloniaMusic@yahoo.com to negotiate a lower price if you like!

Every HOHNER accordion is the result of over 100 years of experience in the design, construction and manufacture of high quality bellows-driven instruments. Painstaking craftsmanship and the selection of the finest materials guarantee a consistently high standard of production that truly deserves the designation “Top quality made in Germany”. The combination of skilled workmanship and modern technology is known worldwide as the distinguishing feature of HOHNER’s high-end instruments.

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