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Piano Accordions

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If you have a particular Hohner accordion in mind that is not listed in my store, let me know and I will have it posted. The variety is so great, I just do not list them all. Email me at poloniamusic@yahoo com.

BELOW: John Lennon playing a HOHNER ACCORDION during rehearsals for the "All You Need Is Love" satellite broadcast on June 25, 1967.

 John borrowed the accordion to run through some parts with some of the players in the studio during a recording session. It was recorded on June 14th 1967 and took 33 takes Work was also done on it on the 19th (vocal , drums, banjo and Piano) 21st (mixing) 23rd  (orchestral overdubs) 24th  (overdubs). The Beatles Anthology book indicates that the recording sessions took place at Olympic Studios in Barnes, and the broadcast was done in Studio No.1 at EMI.

Harmonica and accordion were John's first instruments as a very young boy of around 5 or 6 years old. This might account for the predominance of harmonica hooks in the early Beatles songs written (mostly) by John, such as Love Me Do, From Me To You, Please Please Me and I Should Have Know Better. Paul has featured keyboardist Wix Wickens playing accordion on such songs as Here, There and Everywhere on his tours. Both Paul and Ringo have featured accordions on their solo albums.

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