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Teton guitars are my favorite guitars.


Love at first play... 5 Star Review

Posted by Larry on 13th Mar 2017

…and I might just be falling deeper in love every day! lol

I immediately set the action lower to my preference (it was pretty close, straight out of the box), put a new set of my favorite strings on it (I prefer a lighter gauge) and tuned it up. I haven’t put it down yet! The tone and overall sound is everything you indicated it would be in the videos (and more – it is absolutely stunning!) and the craftsmanship is superb. I was wondering if I would feel “penny wise and pound foolish” for not buying the more expensive “name” brands, but the opposite is the case. I feel like I just stole a great instrument, from an unsuspecting seller! haha -Thanks for the great deal. I look forward to many, many hours of wonderful guitar playing. P.S. I finally plugged it in to my amp and it sounds as good electronically as any of the "professional" guitars I have heard - clear, clean and true to its acoustic-ness. I couldn't be more pleased!


Go here to watch me play my Teton Acoustic Dreadnought w/ Electronics: https://youtu.be/E3-gHkJh7vM

Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Teton Guitars. You get more for your money with a Teton guitar. Customers are saying the tetons have a warm rich sound like a more expensive guitar. Chesbro Music Company of Idaho Falls, ID is a 100 year old company that recently developed the Teton line of guitars with the help of professional guitarist, Benjamin Parker. Ben is responsible for choosing the woods, the pickups, pre-amps, and the way these guitars look and sound. Teton's have excellent playability plus excellent sound quality and intonation.

To achieve this Chesbro uses high quality fine grain Solid Spruce and Cedar hardwood tops to ensure optimum resonation and custom saddles for best possible intonation.

Finally a great sounding hybrid nylon string guitar great for steel string, jazz and bossa nova players looking for a standard nut width and electronics. Instruments come with Fishman's 201 electric system for an unbelievable accurate sonic reproduction.

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